A business survival manifesto for the technology revolution. The power bases of the industrial age are shifting and fragmenting. Power is no longer about size and ownership; power in a digital world is about access & connection. Existing businesses need to understand this shift to thrive or even survive the transition. Entrepreneurs and start-ups enabled by cheap & small technology are genuine threats in every industry. This book is a wide story, the entire landscape assessment – it’s for serious business people who need more than disposable digital tactics.

This is the strategy playbook for the future.

A manifesto for our new business realities

Everyone is in the technology business now.  

Discover why the future of business is small. Small technology, small prices, small companies, desktop manufacturing – as everything moves to small, the only way to be big is through aggregating highly distributed business systems.

As the world moves from the industrial era to the technology age, power is shifting and fragmenting. Power is no longer about size and ownership; power in a digital world is about access and creativity.

The dissemination of powerful, cheap technology provides unprecedented opportunities for the small– they all want to eat a Fortune 500’s lunch.

Every industry is being disrupted – big business must act like startups in order to survive

The strategies that made pre internet era companies big are no longer relevant.

About the author

Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino had his first startup before the age of 10 running an organic egg farm in the 1970s before the words organic or startup had been invented. The first phase of his adult career was in marketing working his way into senior executive roles in global consumer goods companies and advertising agencies.

He escaped his cubicle for the first time in 2005 and founded rentoid.com – a peer to peer renting portal. After a successful exit more than 3 years ago he has embarked on a number of crazy projects including putting a lego space shuttle into actual orbit, building a jet powered bicycle, and crowd funding to build a full size lego car with an engine made of lego, which runs on air.

Steve now travels the world helping companies transition from industrial era thinking into the digital age. He is a shareholder and advisor of Tomcar Australia www.tomcar.com.au (Australia’s first car startup in over 30 years) he guest lectures on Marketing at Melbourne University, writes on business & technology issues for the ABC, Marketing Magazine, Fairfax and for his blog, which has over 30,000 readers a month. He’s regularly asked to comment on the technology issues in the business sector.

Give a shout to Steve below – he’s a friendly guy and loves a tweet or two.

Steve is regarded as on of Australia’s most dynamic keynote speakers. He specialises in business strategy for the technology revolution. He consistently wows the audience and uses stealthy entertainment to teach invaluable lessons.

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